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Acrylic paintings

All of my paintings are created with acrylic paint on box canvas and finished with a clear coat of spray varnish.  I work quickly and intuitively to build up the distant horizon and sky using subtle blends of colour. The mid ground is added using loose brush strokes and free mark making to evoke a sense of movement and hidden depths.  The floral element is created using a number of techniques - the most evident mark making are the splashes and splatters.  These may look haphazard but they have to be meticulously planned to ensure they and up in the right part of the canvas!

Enjoy browsing this gallery of my work.  You can hover over the image to see more information or click to see a larger version of the image. Please note that as good as photographs can be, original artwork looks far better 'in the flesh'.

If you have an interest in a specific piece, please contact me to check it is still available as it may have sold before my site is updated! I am pleased to accept commissions. Paintings can be secured with a 25% non refundable deposit; the balance can be paid within 6 months and it is then yours to keep.Please contact me to discuss your requirements. Please be aware copyright of an image belongs to the artist and prints may be made of artwork in the future.

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