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Tracey has a passion for alcohol ink florals and semi abstracts focusing on colour and movement.​ Her inspiration and love of natures’ colour and patterns are clearly evident in all her work. She often photographs flower petals and is particularly interested in the tiny details that often go unnoticed.


As well as painting with acrylic, in recent years Tracey has developed a passion for working with alcohol ink; the vibrancy of the highly pigmented ink and the way it moves and creates different tones when mixed with the alcohol is quite mesmerising to see.

Working usually without brushes, manipulating the inks using only a straw, she creates fluid shapes which have many intricate layers often giving the appearance of a delicate, chiffon like quality. She often adds metallic ink to highlight the details and bring the work even more alive.


“My aim is to bring joy and evoke emotions, allowing viewers to pause, breathe and escape into moments of serenity, knowing that each piece is a mood-lifting journey as much as it is an aesthetic creation”.​

Artists Statement

My inspiration always stems from nature; flowers, the sea and sky, which I find almost magical. My love of flowers started early in life; as well as the colours it’s the intricate detail of the petals that fascinate me. I use a straw to move the  inks which flow to create calming, organic shapes.


Before I begin any new piece, I have an image in my mind that I would like to create and the feelings I want to capture; whether that be calming, warm and secure or more vibrant and energising – but always to bring joy. My pieces don’t always end up as I first imagine but evolve as I’m working and I find that very exciting. While working I get completely lost in the process which gives an overall feeling of calm and tranquillity. This is what I hope to portray to the viewer, allowing them to experience these feelings and give them joy. ​

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