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Alcohol Ink Art

Each A4 original (mounted in an A3 professional quality mount and frame) £65

A3 originals £80. Frames available on request.

A2 originals £150

See details below and visit the Shop section to purchase online. 

This year I began experimenting with a different medium; alcohol ink. I love the way the ink moves and creates

different tones when it mixes with the alcohol. I can create many layers of 'petals' which can give the appearance

of a delicate, chiffon like quality. I love to create these! 

Enjoy browsing this gallery of my work.  You can hover over the image to see more information or click to see a

larger version of the image. Please note that as good as photographs can be, original artwork looks far better

'in the flesh'. To purchase click on the Shop section in the menu.


Please be aware copyright of an image belongs to the artist and prints may be made of artwork in the future.

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